Freequently Asked Questions


How long will the treatment process take?

Typically the treatment will take from 1-2hours depending on the size and complexity of the property


How long after treatment can we use the space?

We will ensure that before leaving your treated space is very safe and fresh for dwelling or use


What is that left over 'Storm smell' ?

Some active air will usually remain for up to 2 days, it is quite normal and harmless, we offer an ‘essential oil’ treatment that will give a 100% natural fresh pine forest smell and remove much of the remaining active air


Any smell LUKTBORT cannot fix?

We fix the symptoms so if for example a damp problem remains intime the bad smell will return. Urine crystals will be initially neutralised but the crystal itself is very resistant and the urine smell will likley return. We recommend washing urine crystals away, drying and then treating a space with Luktbort.


If its so effective why have I not heard about it before?

Good question, that is why we are here! We asked that very same question, then started Luktbort AS We belive in our technology and service and are here to serve your needs, satisfied and return customers are Luktbort’s goal !


How does LUKTBORTS’s active charged gas work?


We basically divide use electrical ‘sparks’ to create ‘active air’, ozone is the most active part of the and is ‘super keen’ to give away its charge and when it ‘bumps’ into organic material like SMELLS! Pets / food / smoke smells it neutralises them in an instant.

It can be thought of like chlorine but WAY – more effective and with none of the same bleaching effects or after smell due to it gaseous nature. Any remaining charge smell can be almost completly removed with our 100% natural ‘essential oil’ that is 100% natural.
We use no
chemicals in our treatments and that’s a PROMISE !

LUKTBORT Treatment can


surface dwelling organic bad odors FAST !

2. Give a

lightening fresh feeling to a home or vehicle

3. Make a

space more appealing to prospective buyers and more comfortable for you

4. Give you

the best and most effective method fro eliminating bad smells

5. Kills

bacteria, mold and fungus with long lasting effects

6. Pests

including silver fish and bed bugs (these require much higher concentrations of Ozone and possibly multiple treatments at strategic times in the animals life cycle) POA

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Pricing ***

1-59 sqm

1999 NOK

60-149 sqm

2999 NOK

150-249 sqm

3699 NOK

250+ sqm


Forest fresh

100 % natural essential Oil after treatment from just
399 NOK

*** Zone 1 charges apply outside: see here

Why undersell your property or vehicle because of bad smells ?

Get that mountian fresh feeling for a small investment !

Contact us now for a free chat with one of our experinced technicians at !, tlf. 95 555 963

Luktbort AS

825 662 162



Heisshageveien 30
Leirsund, 2015 

* Does not include travel expenses see <map>

** very deep-old smells can be very much reduced and initially fixed but can return over time, and require repeat treatments, urine for example is crystalline and impervious to gas. It should be washed away and dried thoroughly prior to treatment. Decomposing matter MUST be removed cleaned and dried before treatment.



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