LUKTBORT’s treatments for odours is quite amazin and shoul be experienced.
There are a few limitations we are always clear about, we fix symptoms not the cause, thats is up to you 🙂
That being said sometimes for example just personal odor will take many months to return !

Take contact in good time before your viewing or sale.
We can then come up with the most effective treatment plan to ensure you get the
best result possible.
Smell is one of our important senses, that ‘feeling’ of a clean home is not just visual but from our the odours that we detect.

Houses have a ‘layer of living’ as we like to say, its the odour of living that has settled on everything, its unavoidable.
Our treatment effectively, safely and extremely cost effectively removes this layer
and gives your space a really fresh feeling, like a blank slate, a new house or car.

So don’t delay, give your space that clean it deserves asap!

We love to talk, contact us for a friendly chat, we can discuss your situation and tailor a service for YOU….

With prices starting at just Kr 1999 a technician will be with you within days, at your home or work.
What are you waiting for ?

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Why undersell your property or vehicle because of bad smells ?

Get that mountian fresh feeling for a small investment !

Contact us now for a free chat with one of our experinced technicians at !, tlf. 95 555 963