Technical explanation

Ozone is a super active molecule, just desperate to give away its bits to become ordinary oxygen.
Or specialist technology safely and efficiently generates large quantities of Ozone and activates air in
the closed space. This ‘Active air’ is then circulated with fans and finds it way into every small corner
of the building or vehicle. When this active air makes contact with organic stuff like bad odours it
reacts and neutralises them. This immediately neutralises the smell.

Active air does not last for long, after about 30min
there is half the amount even if it is not ‘used’ on 
smells or organics.

At Luktbort, we use a specialist active air filter system that enables us to complete treatments
usually within one hour!
Any remaining ‘thunderstorm smell’ will dissipate within a few days, but for those that cannot wait
we offer an essential oil ‘fogging ‘ treatment that will ‘use up’ the remaining ‘active air’ and leave
behind a pleasant fresh pine forest smell!

Ozone Shock

We administer what is known as “Ozone Shock” treatment. This process introduces high levels of
ozone into the building to destroy odors, germs, or mold. Think about a chlorine shock for a swimming pool that has had a bad algae bloom. Normal pool cleaning methods won’t solve a severe
algae problem, so the pool owner throws in a large portion of chlorine to kill of the algae before filtering the gunk out of the pool. With that said, ozone shock is intended to be a hard hit of ozone that knocks out the odor, germ, or mold problem. As a rule, clean what can be cleaned first. Ozone is not a substitute for doing the basics of a good cleaning. After cleaning, LuktBort uses a high-powered ozone generator capable of seriously raising ozone to high levels (more than 2 to 4 PPM, and as high as 6 PPM).
Our systems push over 20,000
mg/hr or more!

A professional ozone generator will quickly raise and sustain high levels of ozone in
the building for a period of time.
And, no, you or your pets cannot stay in the the building during treatment, plants are usually ok but we recommend that sensitive / beloved species are removes. While ozone is just enriched, non-polluting oxygen; at these levels you will experience respiratory distress if you are in the area for just a few minutes.

That why we have masks!

Oxygen is generally good for us, but too much of a good thing can be a serious problem. We can also achieve ozone shock in about an hour for a car or van in very short time. We may need to do an ozone shock for 1-2 hours on a hotel room or apartment, and a house may take 1-2 hours for a solid treatment. Part of the time factor is the volume of the area being treated, the strength of the threat, and even the amount of humidity in the air. If the humidity is over 75%, ozone production will go down, thats why we recommend turning up the heat before we arrive. The goal of ozone shock is the RAISE to ozone levels, so the building should be as sealed a possible from-fresh air.
The typical, mistaken response is that the ozone generator needs fresh air to continue
making more ozone. Active air/ Ozone is constantly reverting back to air/oxygen by the minute. So, there is always plenty of available oxygen …. unless the humidity is holding excess oxygen 🙂
At Lukbort we have the knowledge and equipment to get you the best results in the stortest time whils operating in a save and responsible way.
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Think of the fresh smell after va lightening storm is because of charged molecules in the air, these charged molecules ‘clean’ the air of organics leving that fresh smell.Our technology works om the same principle, but vwe dont just clean the air but polluted surfaces aswell that are the source of bad odors in you property.


any spaceFrom a cupboard or car to a large house we will de-small it! The treatment is so effective we offer a 100%satisfaction gurantee!Insert some figures here from to visualise which devices can be detoxed.


After just 30 minutes the benefits are immediate, noticeable and long lasting. That fresh after storm feeling in you house, a blank slate for the next owner to ‘imagine themselves in their dream house’ or for you to feel ‘reconnected’ to you property or car.More Responsive, Lower Emissions, Smoother Performance, Potential Fuel Savings, Restored Power, Less Vibrations, Restored Torque, Enhanced Driving Experience


Our assessment begins when you call, we will listen to the nature of your problem and form an acion plan based on your requirements.Then we will suggest steps to maximise the effectiveness of a treatment (for example lowering humidity buy pre-warming a property), removing the cause of the smell and also let you know what you can expect in terms of short and long term results.Odours from food, pets and normal living will be permanently removed well, until you cook another curry or the wet dog comes in again 😉Tobacco smells are also effectively mitigated but many years of smoking, although initially fixed may come back over time as those very ‘deep’ odours re surface.We will let you know of what to expect and if necessary suggest a re-treatment plan to fully mitigate your problem


 LUKTBORT is in business to serve you again and again, we believe in our product and strive to fulfil one requirement that makes our business model successful…. YOU!Did we mention a money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied?* Call today


The effect of a treatment from LuktBort is astounding, the results are amazing, there are a few
limitations that are worth considering,F.example the damp smell associated with fungus will be removed, but ,if the source of the damp is not mitigated it will return over time…Our foundation is in morality and righteousness, LuktBort will not conduct treatments we think are being used to deceive potential buyers or building assessments. If owners wish for us to treat symptoms of damp before sale we request that inspection documents are presented or that the owner signs a declaration.Urine crystals are particularly difficult to treat and should be removed by water before treatment. Although the fould odor from stale urine will be initially mitigated in a short time humidity from ntheatmosphere will cause bacteria and the subsequent stench to return

Satisfaction Guaranteed


 yes that’s right…. Feel the difference! If your not COMPLETELY stoked.

100% Money back for treatment !

All we ask is for your feedback and you will get your money back for treatment!


*does not include the travel expenses 13kr/km one way charge outside ZONE
ZONE MAP… 20KM round Lillestrom = zone 1 ?


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Why undersell your property or vehicle because of bad smells ?

Get that mountian fresh feeling for a small investment !

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* Does not include travel expenses see <map>

** very deep-old smells can be very much reduced and initially fixed but can return over time, and require repeat treatments, urine for example is crystalline and impervious to gas. It should be washed away and dried thoroughly prior to treatment. Decomposing matter MUST be removed cleaned and dried before treatment.



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